Gluten-Free Japan Support Group (Facebook Group)

 Gluten Free JET

Blogs with Gluten-Free Info about Japan (in English with some Japanese)

From Japan with Love

Sondy:  The Dish from the Dish (Gluten-Free Info post)

Eat Recycle Repeat (a Paleo Blog in Japan)


Basic Gluten-Free Information and Recipes (in English) – non Paleo

Allergic Girl (covers allergies as well as gluten-free information)

Celiac Disease Foundation

Gluten-Free Girl

Gluten-Free Goddess

Jennifer’s Way

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness


Paleo and Primal Diet Information and Recipes (In English)

Nom Nom Paleo

The Domestic Man

Whole 30

The Perfect Health Diet

Mark’s Daily Apple



Whole 30







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