Tokyo Cafe Serving Gluten Free Options

After I posted last week that I didn’t know of anywhere to eat in Tokyo that was officially gluten free, I read on a blog that the gluten free trend has finally hit Japan and that there is a cafe in Tokyo that is offering food we can eat.    Cafe Three in Aoyama, which looks like it is attached to a spa, has food that appears to be safe to eat.

While the majority of restaurants and cafes do not know what gluten is, it’s good to see that some healthy cafes are now starting to serve gluten free options for those of us who cannot eat gluten.  I cannot offer a first hand review of this cafe, but the menu lists that it has both gluten free pancakes and French toast as well as lunch and dinner options!  If you happen to go there and want to review it for GF in Japan, please contact me.

It just dawned on me that I remember hearing about a raw food cafe in Okinawa that was rarely open and located outside of Naha (which is why I never managed to get there) that offered gluten free crepes.  Apparently gluten free food is being offered alongside raw foods in these health oriented cafes.  I think that’s even better than eating somewhere that serves processed food and has the potential for cross-contamination.

If you live in Tokyo or you’re traveling through or to it, check out the cafe.   In the meantime, I’ll dig up the name of the cafe in Okinawa in case anyone plans on traveling to the islands and wants to eat a sweet gf dessert.


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  1. Santiago Montero
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 06:11:28

    Hi, I am travelling around Tokyo and as you said, nobody knows celiac disease. As I will stay here for 3 more days, I would love to know where is located this cafe in Aoyama, so I could be eating with a constant worry.
    Thank you so much


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